Amway China Honored for Commitment To Employees

This year, Amway China received its first Top Employer in Asia Pa­cific award as well as its 7th Top Employer China award from the Netherlands-based Corporate Research Foundation. The awards were presented in recognition of Amway China’s ongoing efforts to foster talent throughout all levels of its organization.

“Our company has been working hard to create a wonderful working environment and we’ve always valued our employees, which is why talent wants to work with us,” said Kelly Savage, chief human resources officer at Amway Corporation.

Liza Cheung, vice president of human resources at Amway China, said the company prides itself on staying up to date with conditions in the labor market and the needs of its staff.

“About 70 percent of our employees are born after 1980, and we’ve been using new digital platforms and channels to inform them of the latest updates within the company,” Cheung said during an interview in Shanghai.

“We’ve also moved some of our training programs onto a mobile platform which means that employees don’t have to sit down at a specific time to access them,” she said.

Last year, Amway set up an innovative online learning program called Amway University, which is a 24-7 learning destination where global employees can learn from each.

“We have been promoting the Amway University program at Amway China where employees are encouraged to have conversation and get problems solved between each other. We’ve also simplified our communication process with WeChat,” said Cheung.

Regarding the role of the company’s human resources department, savage said HR has always been a strategic arm of its organization.

“One of our key objectives is to be more focused on helping our talent succeed. At the same time, we also want to move faster and be the first to adapt to market changes,” she said.

With workers born after 1990 becoming an important demographic group within the work force, Cheung said Amway China has been adopting digital tools and social media platforms suited to younger people.

“We have to make a good impression on employees when they first enter the company … we also have to make the working environment really interesting for them,” Cheung said.

Regarding opportunities for advancement, Amway has been actively building programs to promote from within its organization. it also encourages employees to transfer between different business units and departments as a way to develop new skills and gain new experiences.

Amway also offers flexible working hours, especially for mothers who have to strike a balance between family and their careers. it also of­fers competitive benefits, including supplementary endowment insurance and health insurance for employees and their families.

“We highly value our employee contributions and their development. Our human resources operations have al­ways closely aligned with our overall business strategy,” concluded Cheung.

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