KEO Launches World’s First “Smart Home” Network Marketing Company MLM and Network Marketing News and Information

KEO, headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, USA was founded in 2015 with a vison of setting a new standard in the network marketing profession in a brand new category. The company started its soft-launch phase in October of 2015, and is setting its sights on a major launch event in Connecticut this winter.

Allowing you to control your entire home or small business from a single app on your smartphone, KEO has created a smarter and more affordable home automation and security solution.

After an 18-year career that saw him climb to the top rank in three different network marketing companies, Tommy Wyatt was approached with the idea of starting a new one.

Wyatt, also known for his national best-selling book, “Appreciation Marketing,” insists on a culture built on honesty and integrity. “That’s what I’ve always stood for, and its non-negotiable,” he said. “When I was introduced to this profession in 1998, I internalized the idea that the average person could win with a part-time effort and that those willing to work hard could earn a lucrative full-time living in 3-5 years. My goal is to see that promise fulfilled.”

“At first I wasn’t interested at all,” said Wyatt, “but when I thought about the ability to create the comp plan, create the marketing plan, and most-importantly create the culture, I just couldn’t sleep. And when presented with a chance to do it in a booming industry that hadn’t yet met network marketing, it really made sense. I was all-in.”

That industry, “smart home automation” has been controlled, to this point, primarily by security companies like ADT and Vivint with the wireless and cable companies right on their heels, but still only one-in-one hundred homes in the US, is a smart home. “We realized that network marketing was the answer,” Wyatt explains.

“New technology is intimidating and perceived as expensive. But when your friend or family member shows you how to run your entire house from a single app on your phone, and shows you how affordable it can be, the cool-factor takes over and intimidation is gone.”

“Being on the corporate side offers me a lot of new challenges I wasn’t expecting,” Wyatt concludes. “But there’s a thrill about waking up every day and realizing that we’re on the front end of a coming trend and, most importantly, we’re first!”


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